About Tux and Lace

Servicing Toronto and the GTA with Wedding and Event Planning, Tux and Lace Events is not your average event management company. We create memorable experiences with a focus on the details that leave people in awe. Each wedding or event is different and we work with you to understand what sort of atmosphere and vibe you want to create. We then transition this into an ambiance in order to provide your guests an experience they will be talking about for years to come and an experience that you and your loved ones will cherish! Servicing Toronto and the GTA, our team is made up of industry experienced professionals, whom are all WPIC certified.  We are professional planners. We  continue to extend our knowledge base and expertise while staying on point with industry trends. What makes Tux and Lace stand out is our understanding that current trends are important, although temporary. We strive to provide stylish and classic moments that will last forever.


Our Commitment

Loyalty: We remain faithful to our clients and everyone involved with the event. Tux and Lace will always represent our clients with poise and the utmost respect. We take pride in our level of integrity and strive to maintain our professional standards. Fairness: We treat all of our clients the same – all of our clients are equal. This promise is extended to all family of our clients, their vendors, suppliers and guests. Our team respects and embraces everyone’s opinions. Privacy: Your deepest secret is safe with us. We promise to protect your privacy. Be it personal or business, we are your vault. Our level of professionalism is extended by promising confidentiality to our clients and all event stakeholders. Success: Success matters. We are dedicated to ensuring your event is successful. We work with our clients to ensure the highest standards are met.


Jennifer has over 14 years experience planning various special events including: promotional events, tradeshows, destination parties and travel itineraries. Jennifer has gained most of her planning and organizational skills, in an executive role, within corporate sales and marketing. She has become a disciplined and dedicated professional. Always bringing a plan A, B & C to the game is what makes Jennifer the queen of delivering a smooth and beautiful experience. Jennifer’s ability to perform under pressure while managing a team and working closely with other vendors and suppliers is what makes her a stellar multi-tasker.  Her ability to work with a variety of personality types helps to ensure the delivery of an unforgettable experience to her clients. These attributes are what sets Jennifer and Tux and Lace apart. Like many other wedding planners, Jennifer had her “eureka” moment while planning her own wedding. Soon after finding her passion, Jennifer completed the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC) Certification. Since receiving this certification, Jennifer has been actively planning and coordinating weddings across the GTA. Jennifer’s past experience includes planning a variety of both non-traditional and traditional weddings. Jennifer enjoys meeting new people, exploring the great outdoors and new experiences in general. When she isn’t busy with events, she is most likely spending her time taking a yoga or fitness class, hiking, camping or with friends. Jennifer enjoys dining out and indulging in fine wines and champagne.